Whisky Tasting

I have posted my quick guide on how to taste whisky and a range of tasting notes. If you are interested in holding a tasting, feel free to drop me a note. Over the last four years, I have held two or three tastings per year at St Cross College, plus tastings for Exeter, St John’s, and Said Business School students. I can plan a wide-range of tasting types, from basic introductory/general tastings to single distilleries flights, and can meet a range of budgets.

Recent Whisky Tasting Menus

My Favorite Whiskies

More menus and tasting notes will be published as they are completed.

My personal favorite online destination for whisky is The Whisky Exchange. They have one of the best selections of specialty whiskies that I have found, they deliver quickly throughout the UK, and are very knowledgeable about their products!