tasting note

This is another whisky that I tasted last weekend at St Johns … This is a classic heavy Islay malt.  It is deep and rounded in the glass, with a range of aromas … chocolate, dried fruit, honey, and touches of oil & leather.  More than anything, it reminds me […]

Ardbeg Uigeadail

Bruichladdich has become one of the best distilleries in Scotland.  This particular whisky is a special release celebrating reopening of the distillery in 2001 (after being closed since 1994).  It was also a special run because the barley used for this release was peated at 10ppm versus their usual 3-5ppm.  […]

Bruichladdich 2001 Resurrection

This is another of the whiskies from the St John’s tasting on 20 Feb 09 … The Isle of Jura Distillery is the only one on the small island, along with one pub, one shop, and a once-a-week visting bank.  The distillery employs about 20 people or about a tenth […]

Isle of Jura Superstition

Okay, I am going to have to admit my bias at the beginning.  One of my favorite single malts is the discontinued Balvenie 10y Founder’s Reserve and I dislike the other 12y, the DoubleWood.  So, the fact that the 12y Signature is a replacement for one of my trusty old […]

Balvenie 12y Signature

This whisky is a very unique blend – Black Bottle is a blend of Islay malts, displaying many of the characteristics of the seven Islay distilleries.  Yet, unlike many of the malts that go into it, this is a very reasonably priced whisky (generally found at around £15). The nose […]

Black Bottle Blended Whisky

In 2000, the first whisky was distilled in Wales for over a 100 years. This whisky was first released in 2004 and Penderyn Welsh Whisky has all ready won several awards. It has a wonderful nose of toffee and fresh leather but is well balanced with long finishing notes of […]

Penderyn Welsh Whisky

A wonderful small batch bourbon with a powerful sweet nose (think honey and burnt sugar), followed by a hit of oak & toffee, and trailing out into a long, slightly oily finish (to cut the oil, drink it on the rocks). If you want to find out if you like […]

Knob Creek Bourbon, 9 yo