$100 Bills
According to some recent news, wine has outperformed the stock market over the last decade – to the tune of an 11% average annual return.  Additionally, the market has matured greatly over the last few years and it has its own index, the Liv-Ex 100.  Unfortunately, despite the claims of […]

Liquid Investments

“The American dream to them is a nightmare, and the land of opportunity is but a cruel joke,” said Fox, also of Northeastern, who has been dubbed the “dean of death” for his analysis of mass murders. “The economic pie is shrinking to the point where it looks more like […]

Is it really this bad?

I completely agree with Obama’s opinion in his Washington Post op-ed yesterday. What we need from the politician in Washington is some action and not the old-fashioned nit-picking! So what if 1% of the stimulus package does not provide the best value for money, is it not worth it for […]

What Would Barack Do?