Obama heading to the theater
Okay, he is not single-handedly killing the necktie, but then neither did JFK kill off the hat.  Yet, the perception is just as important.  Just as the idea that the President did not wear a hat regularly was one of the final nails in the large-scale hat industry, the idea […]

Is Obama killing the necktie?

I completely agree with Obama’s opinion in his Washington Post op-ed yesterday. What we need from the politician in Washington is some action and not the old-fashioned nit-picking! So what if 1% of the stimulus package does not provide the best value for money, is it not worth it for […]

What Would Barack Do?

Based on the old-fashioned 2D side-scrolling video game, Super Obama World is a load of fun!  I would recommend that all Democrats give it a try … The first level of Alaska has a Bridge to Nowhere.  You are attacked by pigs with lipstick, and if that is not enough, […]

Super Obama World

We stayed up until nearly 3a watching election results. Then, we got up to watch the last of the results this morning after only a few hours of sleep. But all of that is worth it because America has turned a corner! Today, when I woke up, the entire world […]

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