The Kleptones are making videos to go with their latest album, Uptime/Downtime (download it here), and here are their first few efforts … Voodoo Sabotage (The Kleptones Mash-Up) from DJ Tripp on Vimeo. But, in my opinion, this one is much better … Welcome Back by The Kleptones (Instamatic video […]

Kleptones Video Mash-ups

Jelly Roll Morton claimed to have invented jazz in 1902 … highly unlikely, but it does not diminish his musical skill or achievements! Born and raised in New Orleans, he started work as a piano player in a brothel in his teens. Because of his early position in the history […]

A musical interlude …

If, for some reason (like being dead), you did not know that the Live 8 concerts occurred last night, they did and I watched them from the relative comfort of the TV room at the St Cross Annexe. I did not win a ticket to the concert in London and […]

The day after Live 8 …