Okay, I have done several hat histories recently and here is a short round-up of them … The Top Hat Cowboy Hats Pith Helmets The Flat Cap The Bowler (aka, The Derby) The Panama Hat At least for the time, I am not going to write any more of these […]

Iconic Hats Roundup

Whether you call them flat caps or cloth cap or driving cap or golf cap or newsboy/newsy cap or …, this style of hat is one of my favorites.  Made famous during the 19th century by working men throughout the British Isles, today they are worn by a wide range […]

Iconic Hats 4 | The Flat Cap

Pith helmets traditionally denote white Europeans chopping and slashing their way through the tropics and as a sign of imperial power starting in the late 19th century.  Using a technology developed by the French towards the end of the 19th century in Vietnam (then known as French Indochina), real pith […]

Iconic Hats 3 | Pith Helmets

According to milliner John Kasriel – “It’s sun protection for some older guys too, but mostly it’s, ‘I want to attract the women. I want to look fantastic. I’ve got confidence. I want to wear a hat’.” And buyer Craig Cochrane at 98-year-old Melbourne retail institution City Hatters – Cochrane […]

Why men should wear hats …