To use more of the raspberries that we picked at Medley Manor, I made Raspberry Muffins for breakfast yesterday morning.  I found this recipe online and more or less followed it.  They turned out pretty good, but they are not sweet muffins.  If you like your muffins sweet, then add […]

Raspberry Muffins

As part of our Sunday dinner with Cliff and Steph, Jill made a Baked Camembert.  It is a very simple dish that tastes great!  You can find dozens of recipes for it online, but here is roughly what Jill did on Sunday. 1 Camembert, in box Salt Pepper Small handful […]

Baked Camembert

Originally posted 2005-09-10 22:59:51 Okay, today I have been experimenting in the kitchen … in Alton Brown’s I’m Just Here for More Food is a recipe for Whole Wheat Beer Bread. But, I did not have whole wheat flour or bread flour (and was too lazy to go buy some). […]

Beer Bread v1