Behind the scenes with Leno: I have to say that it was great to see Leno on Top Gear because he is one of the world’s greatest motorheads and, as I have written before, his garage is simply amazing.  To the amazement of the British audience, Jeremy Clarkson read out […]

Leno on Top Gear has been relaunched! The new and improved site offers a lot of new features including a lot of information about the Queen’s life. Her YouTube channel had been integrated into the site and there are plenty of pieces of old footage, if you are interested. In addition, it has […]

The Queen’s new website

BBC’s The Box has reached Shanghai and is unloading its load of whisky. The article also mentions that Marks & Spencers has opened their first store in China. The Box passed thru the Seuz Canal earlier this month, highlighting the importance of that tiny strip of water thru the desert […]

The Box has reached China

The Beeb has a new long term project called The Box … and it looks like it could be a great idea, to track a cargo container around the world to see where it goes and what it carries (see the map).

The BBC Box

Yesterday, terrorists bombed London’s transportation system and brought Central London to a standstill (as far as public transit is concerned). Yet, I noticed several things that made it very interesting. First and foremost, was the reaction of the London population. To many of them, it was like nothing major had […]

7/7 London Bombs