Sealed with a kiss of hops
This 1944 Schlitz beer advert features one of their more interesting tag-lines – “Sealed with a Kiss”.  During the early 1900s, Schlitz surpassed Pabst as the largest brewery in the world and remained that way until they changed their brewing process in the 1970s!  By 1981, it was a dying […]

Schlitz – Sealed with a Kiss

1944 Parker Quink Permanent Pen Ink Advertisement
Blond: “Look, Alice, my pen’s done another tailspin and I’m in the middle of a note to the Navy’s best-looking JG!” Brunnette: “Betty, you’re impossible! I told you to use Parker Quink, the Solv-X in it protects pens” This is a great World War Two-era advertisement focuses on the shortage […]

Parker Quink

A "Double-Rich" Bourbon 1
A 1940 advertisement for Schenley’s Cream of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, which was, according to the advert, the “far-and-away the world’s largest selling Bourbon” and “that’s why the price of Cream of Kentucky is so little for such exceptional quality” … if you believe that!

Cream of Kentucky Straight Bourbon

This advertisement is from South Bank Exhibition Guide: Festival of Britain.  If you are interested in learning more about the Festival of Britain (FoB), click here. This image is under Crown copyright. Buy the whisky taken by Sir Ernest Shackleton on his Imperial Trans-Atlantic Expedition of 1914 ‘for medicinal and […]

Vat 69 Scotch Whisky