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Spiral staircase with ultra thin carbon treads, stainless steel pole & handrail, and glass balustrade. 1
Saw an example of these at the Science Museum in their F1 special exhibition last week and thought that they were interesting.  The example on loan to the Museum from Ee Stairs was not as elegant as the image above, but they were a very interesting combination of carbon fiber, […]

Carbon-Fiber Stairs

Pith helmets traditionally denote white Europeans chopping and slashing their way through the tropics and as a sign of imperial power starting in the late 19th century.  Using a technology developed by the French towards the end of the 19th century in Vietnam (then known as French Indochina), real pith […]

Iconic Hats 3 | Pith Helmets

In this year of Darwin, there is a new resource from the Lloyd Library and Museum, called Darwin by Post.  According to its press release and about page, it was designed to be a fake Facebook page for Darwin and his friends.  But, in this special year, doing an exhibition […]

New Darwin Resource

I have always wanted to go to Las Vegas, because of the food, shows, and general displays of extravagance!  The new £30-million pool complex at the Golden Nugget is clearly that!  Consisting of a large pool, shark tank, water slide through the tank, private cabanas (Mon-Thu rental of $175 per […]

A pool full of sharks!

SuperSport interior 2
Well, this is clearly not a pedal car, but it is a new Morgan sportscar!  As another part of the Morgan centenary celebrations, they are introducing the Aero SuperSports. Designed and engineered in house, the Morgan Aero SuperSports is a lightweight aluminium sports car with a luxurious specification. The interior […]

Morgan Aero SuperSports