Monthly Archives: March 2009

Modern Spirits is a new type of vodka company.  They are specializing in what can only be classified as unique drink flavors.  They have seven classic flavors: Black Truffle Candied Ginger Celery Peppercorn Chocolate Orange Grapefruit Honey Pear Lavender Three Tea Plus, they make seasonal flavors, such as Pumpkin Pie […]

Get your own custom flavored vodka!

2009 is the International Year of Astronomy and a group of astronomers have created the Cosmic Diary project.  It is a great project because its aim is not to be about astronomy, but it is about being an astronomer.  According to the project, the purpose is: The Cosmic Diary aims […]

Happenings at Greenwich in 1894

On Saturday, we cycled to Abingdon down the Sustrans Cycle Route 5, which follows the river nearly to Sandford.  It then turns onto country lanes (evidently used by HGVs during the week) for a few miles before returning to traffic-free areas.  The route brings you to the Abbey Gardens, where […]

Cycling to Abingdon