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Oz & James at Bruichladdich in the X4 powered radical racer
Essentially, X4 is unaged whisky that has been distilled FOUR times, making it around 90% ABV (before Bruichladdich dilutes it down to 50% ABV for bottling). How strong is that? Well, it is powering the car pictured above. But, is it any good? Well, Bruichladdich describes it as the purest […]

Quadruple Distilled X4

In 2000, the first whisky was distilled in Wales for over a 100 years. This whisky was first released in 2004 and Penderyn Welsh Whisky has all ready won several awards. It has a wonderful nose of toffee and fresh leather but is well balanced with long finishing notes of […]

Penderyn Welsh Whisky

A wonderful small batch bourbon with a powerful sweet nose (think honey and burnt sugar), followed by a hit of oak & toffee, and trailing out into a long, slightly oily finish (to cut the oil, drink it on the rocks). If you want to find out if you like […]

Knob Creek Bourbon, 9 yo

Large furminator
The Furminator is one of the best pet related products that I have seen in a long time! Anyone who has meet Phoenix knows that he has a shedding issue … he seems to shed 365 days a year! So, when we got a Furminator for Christmas and saw the […]

The Furminator

The digital revolution answers our need for instant gratification in almost every pursuit except photography. It takes more time now to capture, transfer, and print an image using a digital camera than it did 25 years ago to snap and pass around a Polaroid. At around $1 per sheet, it […]

Fujifilm instax 200 Instant Camera