Vodka, Gin, et al.

Modern Spirits is a new type of vodka company.  They are specializing in what can only be classified as unique drink flavors.  They have seven classic flavors: Black Truffle Candied Ginger Celery Peppercorn Chocolate Orange Grapefruit Honey Pear Lavender Three Tea Plus, they make seasonal flavors, such as Pumpkin Pie […]

Get your own custom flavored vodka!

When travelling, it is always good to drink what the locals drink. Budget Travel has a short list of local drinks, here is their list: Italy: Sambuca Brazil: Cachaça Russia: Vodka Greece: Ouzo Ireland: Whiskey Japan: Sake Scandinavia: Aquavit Mexico: Tequila France: Absinthe Iceland: Brennivín But, I have a couple […]

Drinking Locally

In an addition to my previous post about producing alcohol from anything, I came across this article about vodka produced from milk sugars. Naturally, it would be a company called Vermont Spirits that would think of making vodka out of milk and maple sap. Vermont is the home to Ben […]

Vodka from Milk & Maple Sap