Posts about the things that we use to make food, either comments about their production or the discovery of a great new one!

It is almost the end of British Sausage Week (it ends tomorrow, 9 Nov) and if you have not had a chance to celebrate real british sausages, then go out and it now! We had some great sausages from our wonderful local farm, Foxbury, last night. They bred and raise […]

British Sausage Week

The South Devon Chilli Farm staff are the UK’s leading experts on chillies and chilli growing. They started in 2003 and today, they grow over 10,000 plants. Not only do they have a great variety of chilli seeds, but they also have an extensive selection of chilli-based products … including […]

The Chilli Experts

We bought some Tracklements Red Pepper & Chilli Jelly and it is great! So far we have used it for two completely different things … First, we had it as an accompaniment to some sausages & mash that we made for dinner. It matched perfectly the Cajun Smokey sausages that […]

Tracklements Red Pepper & Chilli Jelly