Sealed with a kiss of hops
This 1944 Schlitz beer advert features one of their more interesting tag-lines – “Sealed with a Kiss”.  During the early 1900s, Schlitz surpassed Pabst as the largest brewery in the world and remained that way until they changed their brewing process in the 1970s!  By 1981, it was a dying […]

Schlitz – Sealed with a Kiss

Hand Pump
During this week, over 6,000 pubs (and quite a few breweries) are celebrating Cask Ale Week.  The week is sponsored by both CAMRA and Cask Marque. Unfortunately, their website is a little low on information (1) … their is nothing about the breweries involved and none of the pubs that […]

Cask Ale Week | 6-13 April 2009

Never heard if this brewery until I saw these ads … because today, it has been converted into a site for small, creative businesses. This advertisement is from Pleasure Gardens Guide: Festival of Britain.  If you are interested in learning more about the Festival of Britain (FoB), click here. This […]

Truman’s Beer

The area around Charlottesville is historically known for its wine, but that is changing because beer is becoming the new table beverage, just as it was for Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson served beer and cider with his meals and he brewed his own in the basement of Monticello. Today, there are […]

Virginia is for Beer Lovers