Okay, well we have gotten snow almost every day this last week – from the first snow day on Monday to yesterday. So, Oxford has been covered in a blanket of the white stuff all of the week … but according to the current BBC forecast, we have gotten to […]

Snow Day 2 & 3

Large furminator
The Furminator is one of the best pet related products that I have seen in a long time! Anyone who has meet Phoenix knows that he has a shedding issue … he seems to shed 365 days a year! So, when we got a Furminator for Christmas and saw the […]

The Furminator

While we were gone for Christmas, Phoenix stayed at a new kennel. His old kennel, Charney Kennels, was a great place but being in Faringdon, it was quite a distance away. That made it difficult for us to get him there and back, despite the fact that he seemed to […]

Archway Boarding Kennels

When it comes to food, he is a smart puppy! He has mastered eating apples and we are working on teaching him how to eat corn on the cob … the first couple of tries, he kept biting them in two, but he finally got the hang of it!

Phoenix & Corn on the Cob