Phoenix Widgets Whether it is a book about understanding dogs, the food system, the history of the AK, or something else, I enjoy reading a vast array of nonfiction. Here are my recently completed volumes, in no particular order: (Beware, it is not a short list.)

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Quickly made this video of our adventures in the snow today … I hope that you enjoy it! [flashvideo file= /] This was the first time that we let Phoenix off lead in the park, and he loved it. He is such a winter weather dog and now he is […]

Fluffy Snow!

I just got home from the vet with Phoenix and he is still groggy from the anesthesia that he was under for his stitches … see the photos for what I mean … On Friday, while playing in the snow, he hurt his foot on something under the snow. Over […]

Phoenix is stoned!