Animals Widgets Whether it is a book about understanding dogs, the food system, the history of the AK, or something else, I enjoy reading a vast array of nonfiction. Here are my recently completed volumes, in no particular order: (Beware, it is not a short list.)

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Quickly made this video of our adventures in the snow today … I hope that you enjoy it! [flashvideo file= /] This was the first time that we let Phoenix off lead in the park, and he loved it. He is such a winter weather dog and now he is […]

Fluffy Snow!

On a recent rete discussion, the topic of whether small animal guillotines had been collected at any of the various collections of scientific and medical instruments.  This was raised because one had been recently been added to the collection at the University of Copenhagen.  One would not expect them to […]

Hamster/Rat Guillotines

I have always wanted to go to Las Vegas, because of the food, shows, and general displays of extravagance!  The new £30-million pool complex at the Golden Nugget is clearly that!  Consisting of a large pool, shark tank, water slide through the tank, private cabanas (Mon-Thu rental of $175 per […]

A pool full of sharks!