This last week, as part of the St Cross Colloquia, I was recorded and podcasted!  If you want to download the presentation, click here. While it was a good experience, I don’t like how my voice sounds on the recording and, for some reason, I kept saying “um” during the […]

I was podcasted!

Currently, I am working on the Museum of the History of Science’s Heaven on Earth online exhibition.  Last year, a selection of the prints went on display as part of the Museum’s contribution to the UK’s ‘China Now’ festival.  Now, all 105 prints from Ferdinand Verbiest’s Xinzhi Yixiangtu (1673) are […]

Heaven on Earth

On a recent rete discussion, the topic of whether small animal guillotines had been collected at any of the various collections of scientific and medical instruments.  This was raised because one had been recently been added to the collection at the University of Copenhagen.  One would not expect them to […]

Hamster/Rat Guillotines