My Academics

Research & Teaching Interests

  • History of Collecting & Museums
  • Twentieth-Century British History
  • Early Scientific Instruments
  • Public Presentation of Science
  • Philosophy of Science
  • History of Science and Technology

Doctoral Thesis

Science collection, exhibition, and display in public museums in Britain from World War Two through the 1960s

My thesis examines the upheaval caused by World War Two and follows the subsequent developments in exhibition styles.  In addition to the general changes, I examine three issues that plagued the Science Museum during the period: its educational focus, the quest for a planetarium, and the construction of additional exhibition space, as promised by the Bell Report in 1912.  My thesis addresses an important gap in historical museum studies by examining the Science Museum’s role in the public presentation of science during the immediate post-War period.

Academic Resources

These are resources that I have created over the course of my research and teaching.  Feel free to use them as a starting point for your own work, but as always, give credit where appropriate.

Resources designed by others:

Finally, if you are a student looking for your assignments, go to my teaching resources page.

BSHS Travel Guide

I am a contributor to the BSHS Travel Guide and have written a number of articles on various scientific, technological, and museological sites of interest to the historian of science, medicine, and technology.

Additional articles will be added to the list as they are published on the Travel Guide.