Change has truly come to US politics

In the same year the Obama took up residence in the White House, who would have thought that the Republican National Committee would also be headed by a black man? Well, that day has come …

“He is very truly the representation of the party of Lincoln,” said Joanne Young, who serves on the advisory committee of the Washington, D.C., Republican Party and attended yesterday’s vote. “He will reach out to women and moderates. It’s a very positive message for the country to have an African American who is at the helm of the Republican Party.”

And, when you thought that American politics could not get anymore interesting, it looks like the RNC is moving toward the center and away from many of the fringe elements that have defined it over the last decade. On this side of the Atlantic, religion and politics are completely separated and it would be great for the USA to move in that direction. We will have to see what the next few years bring, but Obama’s election is all ready having impacts far beyond what many imagined. Now, let’s get to work making some real changes!

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