Penderyn Welsh Whisky 1

In 2000, the first whisky was distilled in Wales for over a 100 years. This whisky was first released in 2004 and Penderyn Welsh Whisky has all ready won several awards. It has a wonderful nose of toffee and fresh leather but is well balanced with long finishing notes of raisin and vanilla. (Originally written on 20 Feb 2007)

This whisky is generally bottled at 46% ABV and can vary a bit from batch to batch. Personally, I have never had a bad bottle of it but from some other reports (and the various scores in the Whisky Bible), they do exist, but don’t let that stop you from picking up a bottle of this. Even with the variations between bottles that I have experienced, it has never let me down … plus, how many times can you say you have had welsh whisky?

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