A Southern Puppy in the White House?

According to Hal Herzog at the Wash Post, the Obamas should get a dog from a southern state … because there is an abundance of dogs at rescue shelters in the South and the dogs at the shelters are better behaved!

Just to be clear, it’s okay with me if our new president picks Yankees and Midwesterners to run the country. But he really should get Malia and Sasha’s rescue dog from a Southern state. We have more pooches to choose from, and our dogs are nicer.

I have to agree with Hal on several points! Rescue dogs are great … Phoenix has made a great pet. Not only is he willing to go run and hike all day long but he is also perfectly willing to spend the whole day on the floor. Second, that southern dogs are some of the best in the world. My old dog, Hula, was a Catahoula Leopard Dog – a truly Southern breed! He was a perfect outside dog (and for that reason, I would not recommend one for the White House). On the other hand, the popularity of programs like the Rescue Waggin’, sponsored by PetSmart. They have transported and re-homed nearly 24,000 dogs from areas of high pet population to areas where there is a plethora of pet-less homes. Seeing the responses on their site, you can see the level of demand that exists for rescued pets, see …

“The best part of the Rescue Waggin’ program is how the public reacts to it. They love knowing that our community is helping other less fortunate communities find homes for adoptable pets. Even though we have only been a destination shelter for six months, we adopted out 3,102 dogs – an increase of over 700 dogs. That’s a record for us”. — Connie Howard, Director of Operations, Humane Society of Boulder Valley, Boulder, CO

Hopefully, the Obamas will head south to find the next First Dog (and join this illustrious list of pets).