A pair of pink pork publications

I know that they both don’t look that pink in the images, but trust me … they are both very pink books!


This pair of books will tell you everything that you need to know about pigs, from gestation to gourmandism. The Whole Hog is all about pigs … everything from their wild habitats to the details of the popular domesticated breeds. It covers the range of pig-related academia but for the most part is not a history book. It focuses on the science and behavior of pigs and their close relatives. Considering the similarities of pigs and people, the book is a very interesting and enjoyable read. Pork & Sons is one of those fancy cookbooks published by the Phaidon Press but don’t hold that against it. It is packed with great anecdotes and recipes that appeal to the pork lover in everyone.

I recommend that you pick up both of these and give them a good look. Read one of them and you will never look at a pig the same way again … read both of them and come to admire what is probably the most intelligent and versatile animal that we share the planet with!

(But that won’t keep me from having bacon for breakfast … or lunch … or dinner!)