Wild & Wonderful Brews 2

Just finished off a big bottle of Leffe Bruin tonight and so I thought that I would post about a few beer news items that I had received or come across recently …

First, if you are in Brussels on Saturday, 7 March 2009, Cantillon Brewery is holding a public brewing session. From 6:30 to 17:00, they are going to be open and brewing their world-famous gueze, which they turn into a wide-range of lambics. If I get a chance, we may try to make it to Brussels that day to experience the brewery in full swing (and they are providing free croissants until 8:30).

Now, moving to North Carolina … Sean from the ole’ Pop the Cap days is involved in opening a brew-pub in Durham, NC. They recently brewed and held tastings of four new beers, all of which I would like to taste: 1)Scuppernong Beer, 2)Sweet Potato Beer, 3)Fullstream, and 4)Hogwash. The Scuppernong Beer sounds like it could be a very good beer, especially if they have gotten the balance correct (and it is not too sweet). On the other hand, the Sweet Potato Beer would probably not be my cup of tea! Fullstream, which is also their flagship beer, sounds like a great session beer, in the great British tradition of a good mild or bitter. It is definitely a beer that I want to try! To be honest, I am perfectly happy with a bitter to accompany my BBQ, but if they thing that Hogwash would complement my BBQ better, then I am willing to give it a shot … especially since both Jill & I are fans of porters. My only hope is that I am back in Durham sometime soon when I can get a pie and a pint from them.

Finally, I would like to thank The Big Money and the BevLog for pointing me to Ugly American Beer made by East End Brewing. It is refreshing to see that the independent American spirit is still alive & well!

Finally, since it that time of the year, raise a glass of Hook Norton’s Twelve Days and relax … the holiday season is a time for joy and love, not stress and fights!

2 thoughts on “Wild & Wonderful Brews

  • Sean

    Hey there! Thanks for the mention.

    Just wanted to point out that it’s Fullsteam (as in full steam ahead), not Fullstream.

    Fullstream is what happens after three Fullsteam!

    You are correct that a too-sweet Scuppernong would be a mess; our version of it is refreshing with a hint of sweet grape, balanced by the tang of the wheat. We’re already talking about making that one a year-round beer…it’s been a big hit.

    And believe it or not, the Sweet Potato beer was the crowd favorite on Friday. It doesn’t have any of those traditional pumpkin spices, and the flavor of the baked taters brings out a nice caramel character.

    Look forward to meeting you…and serving you beer and bullies!

    p.s. East End = hero for their green approach to brewing. great brewer, awesome beers.

  • Thad Post author


    Thanks for the comment! Also, sorry about the misspelling …

    Looking forward to meeting you too! Cheers, Thad

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