Lady Godiva’s Nipple

Okay, well last night, I was totally lost about finding a good drink that could be a St Cross Special for the bar. Then, I did some random surfing and searching (yeah, Google &!!!) and found an interesting recipe that is simply but also looks like it would taste great! The recipe comes from Topeka, Kansas at a B&B there and was originally called Lady Godiva’s Nipples – sold in pairs.

Lady Godiva’s Nipples
1 part Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
1 part Chambord, Black Raspberry Liqueur

Doesn’t that sound good? Plus, it would be close to the right colors for the St Cross – white & purple – especially if I can get it to layer, which the original creator tried but failed at.

Well, before I get too excited, I need to do two things:
1. Taste it.
2. See if I can get it to layer (but for this, I have an idea … chill the Godivas in the fridge to make it denser and this also has the effect of requiring no ice to chill the drink)

I will post more on my progress with this drink …