The day after Live 8 …

If, for some reason (like being dead), you did not know that the Live 8 concerts occurred last night, they did and I watched them from the relative comfort of the TV room at the St Cross Annexe. I did not win a ticket to the concert in London and I think that watching it on BBC was a good as being there … but first, let me talk about the concert.

The two highlights for me were: Paul McCartney & U2 singing Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band & Pink Floyd’s reunion

Macca and U2 were a great opening and, at how many concerts will you see two acts like that open … I would say none! Plus, as Sir Paul latter said, it was the first time that Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band were ever played live by him … and, you could download it from iTunes within 45 minutes of the performance (gotta give Apple some congrats on that one)! So, if you did miss that song, go download it and support Live 8.

Okay, now to the real reason that I watch close to ELEVEN hours of BBC yesterday … the first time in my LIFE that Pink Floyd has played together. Let me just say that it was nothing short of amazing … you could tell that there was a little rust from not playing together for 24+ years … but that did not stop them from putting a great set together for a great cause. On top of that, I thought that they looked like they enjoyed being back together a lot and that could mean that they will be stay together. Being a fan of great music, being able to go to a Pink Floyd concert would be truly amazing!

Now to say something for BBC, they did a great job keeping the air full of music and message. With the few exceptions, especially the decision to interview Robbie Williams at one point, the BBC team was able to make the Live 8 and the Make Poverty History messages come across but not seem to be beat into the audience. I knew that public TV could be great TV, unlike it is in the States, and the BBC team proved it yesterday! The ability to watch a concert (or any TV show without commercials is a great feeling and yesterday, it will wonderful).

Okay, well, I hope that they come out with a DVD of the concert (or maybe even of all the concerts)!