Recent Reads – May 2012

This Organic Life: Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader by Joan Dye Gussow – A wonderful book about how a garden sustains a person beyond the food that it provides.  The story of her garden is her story of survival … of being transplanted into a new community, of a horrendous remodeling experience, of the death of her husband, and of the transformation into living alone in the house they built for their retirement.  More than that, it is about life-long learning that is the basis of being a great gardener.

Killer Stuff and Tons of Money by Maureen Stanton – Have you ever thought that you wanted to an antique dealer?  Or make money from comic books?  Or that selling your great aunt’s doll collection could make you millions?  Well, this book will either stoke the fire or scare you straight!  Showing both the highs and the lows, Maureen Stanton accompanies a knowledgeable mid-level dealer (note: many of the identities have been changed in the book to protect the innocent … and the guilty) through the grind of antique shows and shopping trips.  After years of chasing that elusive “great find”, the dealer is left with an overcrowded house and a packed schedule of shows to go to … and with the end of her book occurring as the economy tanked, you can guess at parts of the ending.  Either way, I would recommend this book, if for nothing else than to learn about the breadth of knowledge that it requires to even start playing the game!

Homegrown: A growing guide for creating a cook’s garden in raised beds, containers, and small spaces by Marta Teegen – Don’t waste your time on this volume.  Its information is recycled and the recipes are uninspired.  Just leave it on the shelf of your local library, where I wish that I left it …