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The Man Who Planted Trees by Jim Robbins

Posted by on 19 March 2012

I received  thru the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program (you can read the review over there).  The book made me think about planting more trees and more native trees.  I have all ready purchased a number of native shrubs and small trees for our small yard, but I have been thinking about other things that I could do. 

So, here are few tree resources of interest, if you liked the book!

  • Archangel Ancient Tree Archive – This is the current generation of the organization started by David Milarch and originally called the Champion Tree Project.  Archangel was founded by David Milarch and Leslie Lee, a philanthropist with a longtime interest in environmental charities, and is starting to clone trees on an industrial scale for resale and reforestation. (Warning: The Archangel site is animation and multimedia heavy.)
  • Archangel Ancient Tree Archive Blog – If you are looking for more information about the project, I would suggest that you visit this website, which is their official blog.  They also have a store and donation website.
  • Landmark Tree Archive – Michael Taylor’s database of the world’s biggest and best trees.
  • Ecolotree – The oldest and most experienced phytoremediation company in America.  Phytoremediation is the use of trees to remove pollution through engineered forests.
  • Torreya Guardians – is a self-organized group of naturalists, botanists, ecologists, and others with a deep concern for biodiversity protection, who have chosen to use the internet as a tool for discussing ideas, posting plans, and taking a variety of actions in behalf of our most endangered conifer tree: Torreya taxifolia.  Their most prominent action is the assisted migration of T. taxifolia from Florida to the mountains of North Carolina.
  • Plant Guardians – An organization founded by one of the members of Torreya Guardians.  It is a place to meet other people who are committed to saving various plants from climate change, habitat destruction, and pollinator depletion.
  • For the localsFairfax County Native Seedling Sale – Annual seedling sale makes low-cost native shrub and tree seedlings available to Northern Virginia residents. Seedling packages go on sale each year in January and are available for pick-up in mid-April.

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