New Exhibit at Work

Here is a couple of weeks, a new exhibit is being installed at the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum.  So, I thought that I would share its blurb …

Exercising Ingenuity in Fitness and Health is an exhibition highlighting the historic advances, current trends, and future technologies relating to a healthier body and mind.  This exhibit will feature notable inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame working in this area such as Robert R. Williams and his process for obtaining vitamins, John H. Kellogg for his development of breakfast cereal and exercise equipment, William J. Kroll and his improvements to the production of Titanium (a popular material used in sporting goods). Historic and current trademarks will also play prominently in the exhibit. A sample of trademarks that will be featured: “Castoria” one of the only truly patented patent medicines, “Postum” cereal beverage, “Gatorade” sports drink, “BOSU” balance trainer, and “Gore-Tex” fabric.


Opening on 14 October, which also is the first day of this year’s Trademark Expo, I expect that we will be pretty busy that weekend!