Been busy …

Okay, I have not been very good at keeping my blog updated recently. Well, I do have an excuse the last two weeks … I got a job! I am now working at the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum here in Alexandria, Va.  I am enjoying the new job and I got really lucky because the Museum is just around the corner (and across the freeway) from our house.  With plenty of things to accomplish, I have been working hard on making it a good start.  In short, I am in charge of the daily operations and special events (tours, exhibitions, receptions, et al.).  It is a great opportunity and I am having a lot of fun so far!

On other fronts, I am still reading … just finished The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean which is a popular history of science work that examines the periodic table and many of the stories behind the discovery and use of the elements.  Covering every single element, Kean does a good job weaving the variety of unrelated stories into a series of vignettes that effectively entertain and educate the reader about the process of science and hidden entanglements of the ordered periodic table.  Definitely a recommended read!

In the near future, I imagine that my reading list is going to stray into two areas: whisky and things related to my job.  First, I am writing a new course for the Washington Wine Academy on American Whisky.  Second, I have been asked to examine our books at the Museum Store and determine what we should be carrying.  Those two goals are going to probably engage my reading … after I finish my current book – The Professor and the Madman.