Recent Reads

Well, I finally finished reading Heirloom Vegetable Gardening but while I was reading it, I also managed to finish a couple of other books!  The Heirloom Vegetable Gardening tome is a great volume and I would like to have a copy of it on my gardening bookshelf for future reference.  Now, on to the other books …

I read Something from the Oven while I was in Asheville for my mom’s birthday.  This is a thorough piece of research that touches on many sources that are generally hidden from the lens of history, including practice and personal preferences.  For those interested in the social reception of new technology, the women’s movement, and food history, this volume offers something for them.  In addition, it is an easy read for those who are not academic historians and only have a passing interest in the subject.

On a completely different topic, I read How to Make and Use Compost while we were out of power during the recent storms.

Of all the books that I have seen on compost, this one is possible the most open-minded!  In it, Nicky Scott basically says that if it is natural, then you can compost … including cooked foods, dairy, human feces, animal feces, and everything between.  While there are larger composting books available, this volume has all of the details that you need get started – even if you are getting a large industrial composting plan together.

For me, the most interesting parts of the book are her descriptions of ‘no-dig’ gardening.  A method that, when I have space, I would like to employ because digging is my least favorite part of taking care of garden.  So, while it was an interesting read, it is a volume that I am likely to want to pull from the library again in the future when I am working on laying out and organizing a garden.