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Okay, starting next week, I am teaching elementary and middle school children writing and grammar.  In preparation for that, I have been writing some lesson plans and planning some activities.  This book, Writing Extraordinary Essays, was one of the books that Fairfax Collegiate sent me to use during my courses.  Of the books on writing that I have seen, this one is remarkably good.  It stays away from trying to teach to a test or trying to just teach a rubric and sticks to teaching the skills that make writing fun, useful, and exciting (to both read and write).

Alongside The Classic Guide to Better Writing, this book will help any teacher think about how they teach writing and the skills that are important for students to have to be successful writers.

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  • Gpipkin

    Don't miss David Finkle's second book, Teaching Students to Make Writing Visual & Vivid–another cornucopia of fresh, effective strategies for supporting and engaging young writers.

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