“Off The Wall” – NCPH’s new exhibit review blog

What constitutes a history exhibit in our wired, hybrid, creative and contentious world?  Where do we see history in public, and what do its various manifestations have to do with the professional practice of public history per se?  That’s what NCPH’s new exhibit blog, “Off the Wall:  Critical Reviews of History Exhibit Practice in an Age of Ubiquitous Display,” is designed to help figure out.

The National Council for Public History has started a new blog, Off the Wall, which will feature regular short reviews by a cadre of talented observers from the fields of history, archeology, design, art, anthropology, and related areas, with commentary by a group of experienced public historians who will help to keep the critical conversation moving along.  Their first two posts are:

  • Adina Langer’s thoughts on the British “Culture 24” project as an example of a digital “museum of everything”
  • Kevin Bartoy’s take on actor Tim Robbins reading the words of historian and gay activist Martin Duberman about the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion

From the first couple of reviews, this looks like it could become a very interesting and useful blog for me to keep abreast of things happening in the public history and museum realms.