The Marjorie Howard Futcher Photo Collection 1

Osler Family at 7 Norham Gardens, Oxford, 1905

From the Marjorie Howard Futcher Photo Collection:

The youngest daughter of the influential McGill University physician and Dean of Medicine Robert Palmer Howard, Gwendolen Marjorie Howard Futcher (1882-1969) was born into a social milieu which included some of the most prominent Canadian business, political, and academic figures and families of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This collection consists of two of her photo albums of images from the 1890s and first decade of the twentieth century, when she was known as Gwendolen Marjorie Howard. It chronicles her school years in Germany and England, her life in Montreal during her late teenage years and early twenties, as well as visits with friends and relatives to various destinations in Canada, Bermuda, Britain, and Europe.

From my quick rummage through the collection, this could be a great resource for a variety of historians.  From the bio of Marjorie, she was an upper-class late-Victorian/Edwardian lady who was well-traveled and well-respected.  Her photo albums provide an interesting peek into both her social life and, for me, the ways (aka photographic technologies used) that memories were preserved.

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