Bee’s Knees Telegrams

In 2006, Western Union sent its last telegram. A 150-year-old method for sending congratulations, announcements or greetings; it was the IM precursor in fast communication with the benefit of a hard-copy record for future generations to appreciate. Wishing you had known to use it before it was gone? Looking to add a touch of old-world style to your special occasion? Just want a fun, unique look for your correspondence? These letterpress telegram blanks are the answer. Handset with lead type from the early 20th century, my cards are printed on Crane’s Lettra “Pearl White” paper, using a foot-powered 1889 press. Each card measures 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches and comes with a matching envelope, in a set of 10. $16.00 per set.

Recently, I have been looking at getting some business cards printed and was intrigued by letterpress options.  While searching for low-cost letterpress printers, I came across the Lucky Duck Press on – who does business cards – and these cool note cards.  Don’t they look perfect for little random notes or for any number of other uses?