One way to beat DC rushhour!

1958 Mark 6 Saracen


This 1958 Mark 6 Saracen is now for sale. It has only 205 miles on the clock from new! There were a group of these Saracens sold by the British MOD that were “cold war reserve” meaning they were stored in a shed and never used unless war usage required. This vehicle is equipped with the optional machine gun turret on top and has all of the modern factory updates found on Saracens of its age. It has reverse flow cooling, which pushes the hot air forward rather than into the crew compartment like many of the early models. It has the large comfortable driver’s seat with a tall back and reclines. The interior is fitted with foam insulation that is covered by vinyl to keep the crew compartment cool and quiet. This Saracen even has the “up-armor” package. This means that it was upgraded with even MORE armor by the British Government. This Saracen even has the original pick axe and shovel mounted on the fender. This Saracen is in excellent shape especially for being over 50 years old and all original! The best part of the Saracen is that they are street legal. They have headlights, turn signals, horn, and four way flashers. A Saracen can be registered as a motor vehicle or if you would rather drive on your acreage, skip that part. Either way this Saracen is sure to be 10 tons of fun.

What a perfect carpool vehicle!  Holding a total of nine people, you could easily deal with the toughest DC traffic in this beast … no little German sports car would dare to cut you off when you are armed with a machine gun or could easily crush them.  Plus, at less than $30K, it is cheaper than many regular SUVs that you see with only one person bumping around the Beltway.

And, if another historic snow hits like the recent ones, you would be prepared …