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children in need bannerThe BBC has a great new program that I have been watching on iPlayer called Around the World in 80 Days.  It is part of their charity appeal for Children in Need and is a very interesting program.  Based on Phineas Fogs fictional adventure, this program has six pairs of celebrities racing around the world for charity (there is only one rule: No Flying).  While you may say, “what another travel program” or “another reality TV show”, it is not that simple.  This is real travel!  They miss trains, get turned away at borders, have car trouble, and everything else that happens when you travel.  But, that is not why I am writing this post … it is because in the last episode (which I have not actually watched but needed to post about this before the auction ends), John Barrowman (of Captain Jack fame) gets a pair of custom cowboy boots from Rocketbuster boots.

John Barrowman BootsNow those are some cool boots!  Recently, I have been thinking nice shoes and I keep coming back to getting a pair of nice cowboy boots.  I like to wear them, they can be formal or casual, and places like Rocketbuster can make them anyway that you want.  Maybe they could make me a replica of the John Barrowman boots but with my initials on them?

80 days boots

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