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Steampunk HeaderSteampunk has arrived at the Museum of the History of Science!  In the world’s first purpose-built museum building is the world’s first museum-housed exhibition of steampunk art.  Curated by Art Donovan and Jim Bennett, this exhibition is a radical departure for the Museum of the History of Science, and is very successful in blending the artworks in the main special exhibition with a number of museum items displayed in the small basement gallery.

If you are in town, it is definitely worth a visit.  We visited the week after it opened on Sunday and we waited in line to enter the exhibition … a real rarity for the Museum!  Inside, you are confronted with a variety of steampunk artifacts (for some photos, click here).  The overall effect is quite interesting and completely different from any of the other exhibitions that the Museum has housed.  The time that we visited, it was very busy and we were not able to spend a lot of time … so, I really need to go back and spend more time examining some of the exhibits closer.

It is a wonderland for the imagination and highly recommended!

For more information, see:

For those who cannot get to Oxford, here is video (also available on the Museum’s site):

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