Handmade Footballs & Baseballs

Leather_Head_Football_5 What could be more traditional than a handmade baseball or football?

These balls, while being artisanal products, are made for play, according the maker.  I would love to have a couple of these balls in my bag for when I want to play catch or have a special game of toss.  Of the balls that are currently on for sale, I like the blue & white baseball but for some reason, this football makes me sick!  But, except for that one football of the wrong color^, the rest are amazing creations!

The baseballs are particularly interesting because they are based on one of the earliest types of balls used to play baseball, the “lemon peel ball” – many of which were originally a dark color … sometimes even red, like a cricket ball

If I got one of these balls, all that I would need would be someone to dress up with like these people … but, I bet that Jill would not be happy if I went off to play baseball dressed like I was from the 19th century!

via ACLBlue & White Lemon Ball

^ While many may not understand, when it comes to sports and sporting related items, I have a natural aversion to certain colors and color combination … yet another reason why Oxford is better than Cambridge (just as Duke is better than UNC)!