Anniversary at Malmaison

oxfordTuesday was our second anniversary and to celebrate, we went to Malmaison on Monday night.  As with the last time that we went, we started the night at the upstairs bar.  They have a great cocktail menu but Jill still went with the same drink she got last time – a rum-based strawberry and balsamic vinegar concoction.  This time I went for one of their current specials – a fresh raspberry drink.

Unlike last time, we did go for the Homegrown & Local menu.  Instead we ordered off the regular menu because Jill saw the Steak Frites on our last visit and has been dreaming of them since!  So, we got some Serrano Ham with peaces and cheese to start.  Then, we both got Steak Frites for our main with a side of string beans and shallots.  It was Jill’s first time ordering a rare steak … which she did because it was a thin steak and they did not offer a medium-rare option.  I am happy to say that she enjoyed it!  The one difference between our mains were the sauces – Jill went for the bearnaise and I went for the garlic-butter.  The garlic-butter was not just very good on the steak but it was nice on the fries.  About the fries, they were some of the best ones that I have ever had … and Jill thought that they were the best she had ever had.  To go with the meal, we had a bottle of their house red (not the same one available on the Homegrown & Local menu) which was a Malbec-blend from Argentina.  It was a very easy drinking wine.

So, I would highly recommend the Steak Frites, especially the fries.  From our experiences, the Oxford Malmaison is the best restaurant that we have eaten at in the UK.  So, if you are looking for a nice place to eat in Oxford, check them out!