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I have posted about the Antique Appliance company before and the stove they have which would make a great addition to my future kitchen … but they also do fridges!

Of all the vintage fridges that they have, the most iconic to me has to be the GE Monitor Top.  It was not the first domestic refrigeration unit on the market, but was the first unit that saw widespread use.  Sold from 1927 till 1936, they were available in a wide range of formats – single door, multiple door, and the “Globe Top” version.  Hundreds, maybe thousands, are still in service today … and with a refurbish, like in the photos to the left, they could work for another 50+ years.

With their unique styling and durable construction, they are very popular with a wide-range of collectors and designers.  Personally, I think that one would look great in a modern kitchen and, with the color scheme that Jill and I have for our kitchen, a bright blue one – like in the photo – would be ideal.  Then again, a plain white one would also work (in case you didn’t catch-on, our kitchen color scheme is blue and white)!

To understand what a unit goes through to get from used to refurbished, Antique Appliances describes their process in some detail.  In essence, they treat each appliance like a classic car.  They are stripped to bare metal and repaired, before being rebuilt (with new equipment installed when necessary).

For all of their style, these fridges do have their fans.  For example, see the Flickr Monitor Top group, where you can find photos like the one below …

GE Monitor-top Refrigerator, 1929

GE Monitor-top Refrigerator, 1929