2000 & Wine Deal at Malmaison 2

Register at Malmaison to get a special voucher for a two course meal from the Homegrown and Local menu, a bottle of our sommelier’s Bin End Choice wine, and an after dinner coffee for two people for just £29!

We did this on my birthday and combined with a couple of excellent cocktails from the swanky upstairs bar … so nice that it is not even included on their website.  Jill had a balsamic and strawberry concoction which is now her favorite mixed drink, while I had a maple syrup old fashioned which was very enjoyable and I would recommend it to any bourbon fan.

In case you have not seen the Oxford Malmaison, it is a truly unique building.  Once a Victorian prison, it is now a very stylish boutique hotel with a plush upstairs bar and a cool downstairs bar/brasserie.

Our meal was very nice … my selection of meats for the starter was about perfect.  A great selection of salami, ham, and some bread (plus a few pickles that Jill ate).  The main of a lamb burger was gorgeous and very filling … but I would recommend that you order a side to go with it.  Jill’s meal was equally good, but she was a little disappointed with the portion size of her gnocchi … she wanted more.  The house red was a solid wine, very drinkable and not overly dry.  They even gave me a free pot of tea since I did not want coffee.

We want to go back … now we just need to find a special occassion for it!

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