Wanna Cuppa?

Have you ever wondered how to make sure that everyone gets the right amount of milk in their tea?  Or, do you regularly hear that you made the tea too strong or too weak?  Well, here is one possible solution for you … the MyCuppa Mug (£8.95).

MyCuppa Tea Mug

MyCuppa Tea Mug

Available in both coffee and tea models, it is an attempt at standardizing tea preparation.  According to the product description, they are used like a paint color chart …

These ingenious drinking vessels have got a series of coloured strips inside, a bit like those colour charts you see in paint shops. The idea is to ask what colour people prefer their tea and coffee and then match it to the selected strip by adding the right amount of milk. Clever, eh? And no more tar-like tea or insipid, dishwater-style coffee.

So, an easy to use way to standardize your tea and coffee production … then again, in our house, we have at least four types of tea on the go at any one time (currently, plain tea bags, earl grey, lapsang souchong, and blood orange flavored black tea) and each type is prepared differently (not mention the difference between how Jill and I like our teas).  Thus, while it may be a cool mug, the practicality of it is seriously questionable.

This mug was designed by Suck UK, better known for the Key Bottle Opener.