University Parks on Sunday

Parks 1Okay, the weather was so nice last week that we had to take full advantage of it over the weekend.  So after our cycle to Abingdon on Saturday, we took a little picnic toUniv Parks Map the University Parks on Sunday.  To make up for leaving Phoenix at home on Saturday, we took him with us!

At one point, to try to tire him out a little, I took him across the river to the ‘Little Mill Pond Mead’ to run around off the lead (dogs are supposed to be kept on the lead in the parks).  Phoenix had other ideas and tried repeatedly to cross the river back to Jill … it was both hilarious because he was running up and down the bank looking for an easy place to get into the water and frustrating because he was not listening to me!  He did get a little energy out but it was not enough to make him lay down in the sun and sleep … there was too much going on around us in the parks for him to do that!

Also, it was the first weekend of punting season and so there were a few people out on the river having a go … many of them were not that good at it (or just out of practice), including Raymond Blanc, who we saw punting with his family.

Overall, this last weekend was a great weekend and I hope that we continue to have wonderful weather!