Unbelieveable! The Rise of the “New Faux Poor”

There are plenty of very rich people still around – nearly 800 billionaires, according to the latest list from Forbes – and some of them continue to spend ostentatiously. But, increasingly, the rich don’t want to be on these lists, because “New Faux Poor”, or NFP, as it is affectionately known, is the must-have social badge of the credit crunch season.

via Wealth Bulletin: Rise of the “New Faux Poor”.

Sometimes, the things that you find published on the internet are just unbelieveable!  Unfortunately, it appears that this report is true.  The British super-rich are no longer bling happy.

The other thing that this report mentions is that classic English style is better suited to times of economic difficulty, but that is not the only effect that the recession is having on fashions … particularly men’s fashion.

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