Whipple Collections | New Section Online

The Whipple Collections in Cambridge has added a couple of new sections on the Explore section of their website.  The newest section of the website covers the acoustical instruments in their collection …

Philosophers and scientists have always been fascinated by sound and music. So much so that there is a long history of interaction between music and science. However, the experimental science called acoustics did not properly emerge until the nineteenth century. The Whipple has a significant collection of nineteenth century acoustical apparatus, in particular several examples from the famous Parisian instrument maker Rudolph Koenig.

Besides this section, they also have very good sections on astronomy, microscopes, models, and interactives (including glass fungus, anatomy, compendium, et al). The website is a great location to find out basic information about many of the subjects. For example, check out the history of the microscope.

The Explore section of the Whipple site is a very good resource for students of the history of science and I will be working some of the articles from it into my teaching next Michaelmas!