Could you lose $84.7 million a day?

Well, GM can lose $84.7 million a day!

During 2008, GM lost $30.9 billion (and they lost $9.6 billion in the last quarter).  But, I guess the biggest question is how do you lose that much money that fast?

Or, should we be more worried that last year was not the worst year on the books for GM?  They lost nearly $40bn in 2007 and could collapse into bankruptcy quickly!

But, the more important question is how did it get to this point?  For me, the answer is simple … do they make a single car that I want to purchase? No!

Which car would you rather have in your driveway?

A Cadillac or an Aston-Martin?

A Hummer or a Land Rover?

Or would you rather have a classic GM car, like a ’59 Caddy Convertible?

Or even a Caterham, for some pure driving experiences?

In their whole range, GM only has two brands (Saab & Vauxhall) that are really worth anything.  As companies, both of them are strong enough to go it alone and are looking to become independent brands again.