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Okay, this is the last whisky from the St John’s tasting that I did last week …

Orangerie Close-up

Compass Box makes great whisky, but they are not a distillery, they are a ‘whiskymaker’ – essentially they are a blending house (think J. Walker or Famous Grouse).  Their whiskymaker is named John Glaser and despite creating great Scotch is an American with a history in the wine industry.

Now to the ‘whisky infusion’  that is Orangerie …

In the glass, it is a well-balanced drink.  It smells of orange (almost like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange), with some hints of spice.  In the mouth, it is more of a whisky.  There are hints of orange but you can clearly taste the blend of malts and grain whisky.  More importantly, it is not too sweet.

It is made with Highland single malt and grain whisky from Fife.  This is infused with hand-zested peel of Navalino oranges, Indonesia cassia bark and Sri Lankan cloves.  This is truly something different.  In many ways, this is Christmas in a bottle!

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