Blanton’s Special Reserve Bourbon 1

Blanton's Special ReserveAll Blanton’s Bourbon is single barrel, meaning that the whisky in your bottle has always been together from distillation. It went into one new oak barrel, was aged, and is now in your bottle … but in this type, it has been cut back to 40% abv. They claim to be the first single barrel bourbon and from their website, it seems that most of their bourbon is made for the international market.

For a bourbon, this is a lightweight. It has a very light nose, but all of the normal bourbon aromas are there – raisins, vanilla, and honey. Same for the taste, from what I expect from a bourbon, this is really a lightweight. You can find the normal sweetness, but just not as strong as I like in my bourbon. It does have a nice cinnamon-apple finish, which may be the best part of this drink.

Having had another Blanton’s Bourbon, I was expecting more from this one. For me, it was disappointing. On the other hand, it was mild & smooth, with no real reason to dislike it.

(Tasted at St John’s last week.)

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